In addition to our world-renowned expertise in process gas compression, we also had the need to address specific lubrication issues.

Our product line ESTSYN gives the adequate answer.

The compressor oils for process gases are adapted to the specific requirements of our compressor systems and optimally designed.

The resulting special performance is achieved through a selected and high-quality additive technology.

The compression of process gases urgently requires a special lubrication, which is adapted to the gases to be compressed. For this purpose we have experienced experts available. These experts and our design engineers make the selection of the appropriate lubrication. Below please find our standard qualities. For specific processes we adjust the viscosities regularly if this proves necessary.

Of course, even the best lubricating oil has to deal with competitive products. However, ESTSYN qualities are the result of an intensive selection and adaptation process. Therefore, we cannot name really comparable lubricants for our plants.

VPT-ESTSYN is first class and perfect for VPT-Compressors!

Due to the positive experiences with ESTSYN compressor oils, we are asked again and again about other lubricants that interact either directly or indirectly with our compressor systems.

Other regularly available lubricants can be offered on request.

Greases – e.g. for generators, for high and low temperatures, Chain oils, saw chains, link chains, for high and low temperatures, Engine oils for various applications.


ESTSYN as compressor oils:


ESTSYN GLY as compressor oils:

ESTSYN POLY as compressor oils:

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