Oil-free screw compressors

Oil-free screw compressors operate on the same principle as oil-injected machines.

A synchronizing gear maintains a gap between the rotors and the casing, permitting contact-free running and therefore compression without oil lubrication. Various sealing systems prevent the penetration of lubricating oil into the compression space.

The volume flow can be regulated in a range of approx.40 – 100 % using speed-controlled motors.

The compressors are suitable for the compression of air, natural gas and all gases which occur in the chemical and petrochemical industry, and are utilized in power stations, beweries, sewage treatment plants, steel mills, refineries, etc. . These compressors are manufactured from high-grade steel and castings according to the aggressivity of the gases.

Oil-free VPT screw compressors are used both as individually produced process gas compressors as well as standars air and inert-gas compression units.

Process gas compressors

These compressors have proved their worth owing to the possibility of liquid injection when compressing polluted or dust-laden gases which tend to polymerize.

They are manufactured to international standards (e.g. API, ANSI,etc.),and to our own exacting specifications and those of the customer.

The compressors are offered and supplied as complete packaged units with spur gear, electric motor, oil supply and injenction systems, and the necessary pipework.

Performance data, process gas compressors:

  • volume flows of approx. 250…80.000 m³/h
  • vacuum < 100 mbar possible
  • max. discharge pressure of up to 45 bar g in multistage version
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