Piston compressors

VPT piston compressors range from 60 HP (45 kW) to 20,500 HP (15,300 kW), with a large number of piston rod capacities and piston combinations.

Piston compressors from VPT work according to the compression principle by means of reciprocating pistons to displace the operating medium (special gases) in a cylinder.

The piston compressors are designed for a variety of applications from areas in fuel gas production, gas exploration and a lot of other gas supports, storage and transports. And of course areas of gas production to CNG refueling.

The number of cylinder stages and cylinder sizes depends on the respective process pressure conditions and can be designed accordingly within the available series.

The layout and design therefore take into account the economic continuous operation around the clock 24 hours, 365 days.

Oil-free as well as oil-lubricated piston compressors can be designed. The drive power ranges up to the 10 MW class and the intake volumes and delivery rates are possible up to 1 million Nm³ / h. A pressure increase is possible up to 450 bar.

The compressor unit is optimally designed from the engine, block and skid construction with coolers and corresponding control devices and pipes. On-site integration is therefore easily possible and thus lowers installation costs.

Different drive units can still be connected. Natural gas engines (720 to 1,800 rpm) and electric motors (750 to 1,800 rpm) can be manufactured and dimensioned. It is therefore possible to adapt to different and changing operating conditions in order to significantly increase efficiency.

Many VPT high-speed reciprocating compressors have field-replaceable cylinder liners that allow the cylinder bore to be enlarged or reduced under changing operating conditions. If the cylinder needs to be changed, several cylinders have identical flange connections so that the same pipes and flanges can be used. In both cases, skid pipes and accessories do not have to be changed, which further reduces the change costs.

If the cylinder bore is ever damaged, it is less expensive and less time-consuming to replace a liner than a complete cylinder.

A customized device configuration is also available for capacity control, including our standard, volume-adjustable designs. This offers greater flexibility for changing operating conditions if necessary. The modular design of our compressor units enables simple reconfiguration and adjustments of frames and cylinders and offers increased flexibility at lower costs and maximum reliability.

The chassis and frame structures are designed to minimize vibrations on all moving parts. Opposing lifting forces e.g. on the crankshaft are also balanced.

This means that the stresses and strains that occur are evenly balanced in order to achieve a longer service life and high efficiency.

The water-cooled compressors and the control of the cooling circuits allow moderate operating temperatures, absolute thermal stability to increase e.g. the valve service life as well as the entire service life of the complete unit.


Performance data process gas, gas storage, gas composite line compressors:

  • Delivery volume of approx. 250… 1,000,000 m³ / h
  • Vacuum <100 mbar possible
  • Final pressure in a multi-stage version up to 450 bar (a)
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