Biomethan-injection skids

Since 2009 VPT Kompressoren GmbH has successfully commissioned several biomethan-injection skids. The packages are executed from a compressor skid on base frame for indoor installation up to complete turn key container units (steel or concrete containers) including closed cooling water systems. Discharge pressures up to 100 bar(a) can be realized.

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New offshore compressors

The supply and commissioning of total 6 gas compressor packages for the recovery of flare gas on 3 off shore platforms in the black sea was successfully finalized at beginning of 2008.

In this project, flare gas will be compressed in two stages up to a discharge pressure of 60 bar(a) and transported in a pipeline on shore for further processing.










We have completed our removal to Remscheid - Hasten

After having transferred the production of the VPT-Kompressoren GmbH to the new manufacturing plant in Remscheid at the end of 2004, we are now completing our removal to Remscheid with the move into our new head office building in september 2005.










VPT Drucklufttechnik seperated from VPT-Kompressoren

The complete department of air compressor technology (sale, service & spare parts) is now operating as the independent VPT Drucklufttechnik GmbH. Nontheless, the VPT Drucklufttechnik´s location in Wuppertal is going to be retained unchanged. Additional information are available from:



















Biomethan-injection skids







Offshore compressors







Removal to Remscheid







Air compressor technology seperated






















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