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Efficiency thanks to tailored solutions

VPT Kompressoren GmbH has been supplying air and gas com-
pressors to industrial companies and craftsman´s establishments on the basis of this principle for more than 25 years.

VPT is at the customer´s service with a manufacturing plant in Remscheid / Germany and a sales office in Dinslaken / Germany.

The concept of application-specific plant optimization benefits both the customer and the environ-
ment.The customer receives a product which has been finely tuned to the purpose for which it is to be used and complies with plant standards and local regulations.

VPT offers packaged solutions encompassing design and production, installation, commissioning, training & service.

The ongoing quest for product improvement, close contact with the customer, and the construction of units which meet the highest quality demands will ensure that VPT compressor systems continue to offer a high level of operating safety and efficiency in the future too.

A quality assurance system complying with the requirements of DIN ISO 9001-2000 guarantees a cost - effective product and short delivery times.





















Since 2009 VPT Kompressoren GmbH has successfully commissioned several biomethan-injection skids. The packages are executed from a compressor skid on base frame for indoor installation up to complete turn key container units (steel or concrete containers) including closed cooling water systems. Discharge pressures up to 100 bar(a) can be realized.

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  Our reference machines







Here we offer a reference list contai-
ning 7 different types of machines (determined by the field of appli-










Booster in front of a gas turbine


















Biogas compressor






Chemistry / petrochemistry






High-pressure com-
pressor > 30bar (a)




















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