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VPT service covers all current models and also extends to rare machines which are no longer obtainable.

New bearing assemblies are thus fabricated for old screw compressor blocks or general overhauls performed on piston compressors manufactured by companies which have since ceased to exist.

Services at short notice and a high level of availability of spare parts for a very wide range of compressor types make it possible to react quickly to the technical problems experienced by customers, to ensure that production can be continued in the event of maintenance or repair.

As part of the service it offers VPT will also determine with the aid of efficiency calculations whether a repair or new purchase is more economical. If necessary, VPT will hire out units to maintain production.








Our product range for gas compression :







Turnkey compression systems, including engineering







Oil-injected screw compressors, single- and two-stage







Oil-free screw compressors, single-, two- and three-stage







Packaged units







Refrigerating dryers







Adsorption dryers







Air loading equipment for saving energy




























Heat recovery units


















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