Engineering - consultancy and sales -










Consultancy and design services








Choice of compression type








Computation of power demand








Detailed design of complete packages


















- Design










- Pipework layouts and manuals










- Isometric drawings










- Statics








Electrical and electronic engineering










- Compressor control by means of PLC programmable vontroller systems










- Visualization










- Design of safety systems










- Construction of switch cabinets










- Installation work










- Circuit diagrams










- Wiring diagrams








Volume control systems










- Regulation by capacity control slide salve










- Speed control










- Spillback control










- Bypass control










- Intake throttling control








Cooling water / air systems








Sound insulation








Operational container units








Integration of compressors into existing plants


















- Flow charts










- Space assignment plans










- Assembly drawings








Efficiency calculations








Weak-point analysis








When a new unit is ordered, VPT reviews the specific requirements in detail in close collaboration with the customer.The scope of performance and delivery is defined exactly using a check list conforming to ISO 9001-2000.

Basic data can then be worked out and a state-of-the-art plant design produced which satisfies domestic and international standards and codes.

VPT will also undertake expansion and modification of existing compressor units on request, following an exhaustive weak-point analysis.


















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